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Rhode Island Pharmacy Foundation- Return to Rhody Challenge

Description- The RI Pharmacy Foundation (RIPF) plans to recognize a 2019 graduate from College of Pharmacy not in Rhode Island that is moving into the state to practice as a newly-registered Pharmacist.

The recipient will receive:

·         $500 and

·         A one-year New Licensed Pharmacist membership to the Rhode Island Pharmacists Association (RIPA).

Criteria -Interested individuals must meet the following criteria established by the RI Pharmacy Foundation.

Applicants must: 

·         Be a 2019 PharmD candidate in good academic standing;

·         Not reside in RI during the academic year;

·         Be actively engaged in extra-curricular professional activities; and

·         Commit to actively participating on one or more RIPA committees/teams (visit the Teams page of the RIPA web site for more      information)

Prior award recipients are not eligible for consideration.


 Application deadline:

April 19 2019, by 11:59pm ET

 Recipient notification:

April 30, 2019


 May 8, 2019

Application Instructions- Please submit all application materials by April 19, 2019 to the RI Pharmacy Foundation Scholarship Review Committee at: ripharmacyfoundation@gmail.com. Please note 2019 Return to Rhody Challenge in the subject line.

       1)  Email ripharmacyfoundation@gmail.com

       2)  Submit:  Applicant demographic information and attest to the criteria above

       3) Attestation to remaining in RI as a practicing pharmacist for at least one year following receipt of award

     4) Most recent CV/resume or relevant list of activities for consideration (indicating level of involvement)          

        5) Written response to ONE of the following questions:

  • What is the importance of professional advocacy/involvement?
  • How do you plan to contribute to the profession of pharmacy as a member of RIPA?
  • What contributions have you made to your local state pharmacy association? 
  • PDF of transcript (unofficial transcript is acceptable)


Applications must be received by April 19.  Recipients will be notified by RIPF and asked to attend a presentation of the award.     



 RI Pharmacy Foundation (RIPF) Grant Application:

Deadline April 19, 2019

Please complete this form (https://forms.gle/4UUbAYs6v3kToex9A) for the RIPF Foundation Grant up to $1000.   Award recipients will be announced at the RIPA Annual Spring Seminar in May.  Priority shall be given to projects that align with the mission of RIPF.  The mission of the RIPF is to:

Encourage the advancement of the practice of pharmacy in the state through the rendition of educational services for the benefit of pharmacists, other health care professionals and the general public.

Provide opportunities for the encouragement and advancement of new pharmaceutical developments and to convey this knowledge to members of the profession and the general public.

Promote the general welfare through the support of pharmacy outreach programs to the community, such as medication counseling programs, drug abuse and poison control lectures and health programs for the elderly.

Assist members of the profession with substance use disorders through intervention and rehabilitation programs.



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